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Donna Donna

Hi, I'm Donna,
I'm a homemaker and an Avon Representative/Recruiting Manager.
I like camping, cooking, crafts, music and fun.
I very much enjoy going to our camp in Baja, where I sleep like 
a baby and read and rest. The view from our camp is so beautiful.
It's a lovely country with sweet people.
I can't imagine what it would be like if I couldn't have music
in my life. I enjoy Rock n Roll, Rhythm n Blues, Old time Country, 
Soft Rock and the Classics (especially Chopin).

I'm a gregarious person. I get a big kick out of doing
flamboyant things to make people smile. I love doing things 
for people, then sitting back and watching their reaction.

I've been sober since February,1972 and am proud of it.
I've been a retreat Captain for women for 20 years following
a 12 step program.

I have 3 sons and 1 daughter and 1 grandaughter. I have a good life
with a wonderful husband who takes very good care of me and is the
love of my life. 

I have a strong attraction to animals. I have a long coat Chihuahua
named Slipper (picture) who is almost human and the joy of 
my day. She's so much fun.

I'm very close to my Lord and listen to him a lot.
I'm selfish in that I love being used as an instrument of 
his peace. You can borrow him if you need to. That's how I got him
so I'll be glad to share.

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