Looking south from El Mirador (North of Ensenada)

One of the fun things about getting away
to our trailer in Baja is studying the Language.
It helps to understand the Spanish Language
and Culture through popular phrases.
We like to visit Penny Fredrickson and her ministry And see her kids.

  • Llamar al pan pan y al vino vino
  • (to call bread bread and wine wine)
    to call a spade a spade

  • Tener la sarte'n por el mango
  • (To have the frying pan by the handle)
    To run the show

  • Andar pisando huevos
  • (To walk stepping on eggs)
    To tread on thin ice

  • Faltarle a uno tornillo
  • (to have a screw missing)
    to be nuts
  • Empezar la casa por el tejado
  • (to start building the house at the roof)
    to put the cart befor the horse

  • Saber latin
  • (to know Latin)
    to be nobody's fool

  • El mundo es un panuelo
  • (the world is a hankerchief)
    it's a small world

  • Llenar la cabeza de pajaritos
  • (to fill the head with little birds)
    to fill somone's head with empty talk

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